I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington (LH 60610367) with over 10 years of experience. I love working with people. My passion is seeing people set free from the wounds of their past, to find freedom and joy for their future. I have a strong Christian faith, and truly believe that healing is possible for all people.
Before becoming a counselor, I was a special education teacher for six years. I have always enjoyed helping, supporting and encouraging people. In 2003, I decided to return to school to receive a counseling degree, and attended what was then called Mars Hill Graduate School. The name has now changed to The Seattle School.
One of the greatest gifts I received from my graduate experience, was my need to do my own healing work. I learned I cannot take a client where I myself am not willing to go. This brought about a transformation in my life, and is in part, what I bring to my clients. I can believe for the healing of others, because I have received healing myself.
After graduation, I received supervision from three different supervisors, thereby broadening my skills to best meet the needs of my clients.                                                                    
I have also attended numerous classes from both a psychological and biblical counseling perspective. These classes include Elijah House I & II, Lifespan Integration I & II, CIMBS, classes from Eating Recovery Center, and a handful from a variety of other places. The wide range of classes I have taken help me to see a client’s needs from a more holistic, whole-person perspective.